Honour Roll

Browse our extensive history of previous office holders and winning teams for each division of play.

Veteran of the Year

2018Edwin Tonkin
2016Paul Shaw
2015Keith Kropp
2014Anne Ferris
2013Les Hodson
2012Julianne Daniel
2011Margaret Daniell
2010Ray West
2009Chris Lewis
2008Joyce Young
2007Terry McLellan
2006Dennis Biggs
2005Nev Langford
2004Dawn Martin
2003Max Bates
2002Charles Roe & Neville Halligan

Current and Past Executive Members

YearPresidentVice PresidentSecretaryTreasurer
2019Nick ClarkePaul ShawKeith KroppPaul Shaw
2018Nick ClarkeChris LewisNarelle JeffressMelinda Dawson
2017Nick ClarkeChris LewisJulianne DanielKeith Kropp
2016Reg BaxterNick ClarkeVicki PerlicKeith Kropp
2015Reg BaxterNick ClarkeJulianne DanielKeith Kropp
2014Reg BaxterJulianne DanielKeith Kropp
2013Reg BaxterJulianne DanielKeith Kropp
2012Chris LewisReg BaxterJulianne DanielKeith Kropp
2011Chris LewisJulianne DanielKeith Kropp
2010Chris LewisDennis BiggsJulianne DanielKeith Kropp
2009Chris LewisDennis BiggsJulianne DanielKeith Kropp
2008Chris LewisDennis BiggsJulianne DanielKeith Kropp
2007Dennis BiggsChris LewisJulianne DanielDawn Martin
2006Chris LewisDennis BiggsJulianne DanielDawn Martin
2005Chris LewisDennis BiggsJulianne DanielDawn Martin
2004Chris LewisDennis BiggsJulianne DanielDawn Martin
2003Chris LewisJulianne DanielDawn Martin
2002Chris LewisBruce HaaltJoyce HookeDawn Martin
2001John GradwellChris LewisJoyce HookeDawn Martin
2000John GradwellGarth WenchJoyce HookeDawn Martin
1999John GradwellGarth WenchJoyce HookeDawn Martin
1998John GradwellPaul FlemingJoyce HookeDawn Martin
1997John GradwellPaul FlemingJulianne DanielDawn Martin